Twitter: 5 billion tweets

October 20th, 2009


Twitter has begun to gain its popularity in Malaysia since last year. Twitter passed the one billion tweet mark back in November of last year.  Up to date, number of tweet has quintupled in less than 1 year time. According to Gigatweet, Twitter has now passed the 5 billion tweet mark.

Have you managed to tweet any of the 5 billion? Do you tweet at all? We do!

Facebooking during office hours

October 14th, 2009

What is the first thing you do once you reach your office? Fat chance, most of us will log in to Facebook to check the latest updates of our friends. What if one day, when you tried to log in to your Facebook and is greeted by the message “This site is prohibited” message? It turned out that your company has restricted the access to social networking sites. The increasing of Facebook phenomenon is raising employer concern with the worry that employees will waste time on Facebook for personal networking.

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Social Media Way – Facebook, Twitter

September 14th, 2009

Social networking has becoming more important in our lives, some way or another. In Malaysia, many people started to use Friendster and currently moved on to Facebook and the latest social networking platform – Twitter.

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China banned Twitter, Facebook & Youtube

September 13th, 2009

I can’t access all this three Social Media websites now.

According to Internet news, China blocked top 3 social media community since July 2009. No exact reason announced and acknowleged by China government.