E-commerce training programme – by Locus-T Online

March 24th, 2010

Many businesses in Malaysia are conducted in very traditional ways, which can be renting shop lots to operate physical shops, factory lots of both small and medium, doing advertisements in newspaper, magazine, TV, etc. To us, as Malaysian, we think that this is a must in starting and setting up business. However, when come to e-commerce business, we carry a question in mind: Doing business online, will this work?

Being established in the market of more than 10 years experience, our answer for those questions is definitely: “Yes, it works.” Many of us still unable to see great benefits of this e-commerce, which conducting transaction online, bringing much more benefits that we could ever imagine, if compared to our traditional ways of business!

Due to this reason, last 2 weeks, we were preparing seminars for those who are interested in e-commerce yet unable to see the benefits behind. Our title for our seminar was “Don’t let your business sleep, we will prove that e-commerce is profit-making.”

Although many could not make it on the first seminar conducted, still those who were attending appreciated the training as they obtained lot of knowledge and insights. Our second seminar received overwhelming response with 17 attendees present.  During our second workshop, some of the attendees asked some interesting questions. Some of them are: “How can I make my e-commerce website popular in the Internet?”, “Do we needs to pay tax from what we earn online?” etc. Well, I think, these questions are not only interesting for you and I, but also for all.

We really look forward to conduct more seminars in future so that we can educate Malaysian, with another stage of knowledge that they must know. Please click here for more information.

Locus-T Online Team: Online Marketing Consultancy

November 5th, 2009

We are back! It has been more than 1 week since the last post on Facebook privacy setting on 1malaysia blog. Past one week was very hectic for Locus-T Online team members.

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