Internet service in Malaysia

November 13th, 2009

A bold title in Wednesday’s newspaper today caught my attention.

“1 million wired for high-speed internet”

(Note: It is “high-speed”)

It seems like Malaysia government has finally hear the anguish of Malaysians on the speed of Internet connection in Malaysia. Before the birth of broadband in Malaysia, most of us will open multiple windows to load webpages. Meanwhile, when waiting for the webpages to load, we will do other things, such as make ourselves a cup of Milo, grab some cream crackers, and come back just in time to see ONLY one webpage just finished download.

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Internet + Marketing = Online Marketing

September 8th, 2009

In the early days of the Internet, website is only seen as an informative tool. However, due to technology evolution, website becomes the foundation of your online marketing campaign and a crucial element in internet world. From a role of just being an identity in the digital world, website has evolved to an important marketing tool for companies to penetrate into the Internet-based market and society nowadays. A website definitely can communicate longer and clearer messages than a business card or a brochure. In fact, a good website can act as an interaction tool with prospective clients.

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