Facebook hits 350 million users

December 3rd, 2009

Facebook has just reached 350 million users in December 2009, and will be soon making some changes to serve the Facebook community better.

In an open letter from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to all Facebook users, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the upcoming changes to Facebook. The changes to the website will include removing the current regional networks. It is said that some regional networks are overloaded with members, and users of the particular network will share their information with all other users in the same network. For example, if I am in “Malaysia” network, and I allow my profile to be viewed by “Only Friends and Network”, my friends and EVERYONE in “Malaysia” network can see my information. No wonder Facebook wants to remove the regional networks. Continue reading »

Adjust Facebook privacy settings to help protect your identity

October 27th, 2009

Are you a Facebookie? If you do, most probably you spend quite a lot of time on Facebook, whether updating status, reading your friends’ news feeds, browsing photos, watching videos, checking out your favorite page or playing games developed by third party developers.  Most of us do not give a second thought before sign up for a Facebook account. Facebook is one of 10 America’s most trusted companies in privacy. It provides options to protect your privacy online, but it is up to the Facebookers to use it. However, there are some of us still ignorant of this.

As a consequence, there are still cases of identity thief and imposters on Facebook. For those who do not wish to have another account running using your name and photo without you knowing, it is the best to control what information others can see on your profile.

Just few steps and you can protect yourself and your information.

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