5 Web design strategies

December 23rd, 2009

Website is becoming more important and significant for Malaysian businesses nowadays. Website is the foundation of online marketing strategies.

How to have a great website? Below are 5 strategies you must have in order to have a good-looking and practical website.

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How much is your website worth?

October 13th, 2009

In past years, when our consultants went out and talk about websites implementation, the responses of most people were, “My business nature no need website” and “Website? For what? No use punya!”. These types of mindsets have slowly changed, and we are getting more inquiries about website implementation. Businesses nowadays do not see their websites as their liabilities, but as assets. The function of website has evolved from informative tool to marketing tool. From the marketing perspective, website plays a direct role in helping companies to compete.

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Website for your business

September 24th, 2009

Having a website business is considered as quite common in Malaysia. A website is an inexpensive marketing and advertising tool to develop your business into the online market world. It is your unique identity for your business in the digital world. We all know that first impression is very important, and your website is the only first impression of your business for millions and millions of web surfers. However, it doesn’t mean that every website is quality website.

Web design does not function to deliver information alone, but to add value to the viewers’ experience so that they feel that they acquire what they want by visiting your website.

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