Social Media Marketing – Facebook?

February 12th, 2010

I met a client who believes strongly in internet marketing. When Locus-T proposed social media marketing to this particular client to enhance the company’s online marketing effort, they are acceptance to the idea. There is only one thing that they do not want: a Facebook page. The main reason? The company does not want anyone to write bad things on a platform that they created themselves. For them, this action is equivalent to setting a trap for themselves.

They are thinking: People can say whatever they want at forums and portals, but we cannot control this. After all, the forums and portals are not mine. Why should we make our own platform to let people complaint about my products or services and spread rumours about me?

Now, let us see why a company or website should have a Facebook page.

  1. Facebook pages are public. It means that Facebook page can be indexed by search engine robots. Your Facebook page might be shown in SERPs, and people can visit your Facebook page and then proceed to your website. It is a great way to have exposure. If your Facebook page visitors like what they are seeing, they might become fans. (see point #2 and #4)
  2. You might ask, what is the big deal having people joining your Facebook page as fans? One of the benefits is you can announce news, promotions, new products launching and other exciting news to your fans through your Facebook page. You can also send updates to fans.
  3. The Facebook page is under your control. As the owner of the page, you can control information to a certain extent. Sections can be added, edited or removed. ‘Damage control’ can also be done by replying to customer complaint by doing online PR.
  4. News feed a very powerful tool for viral marketing. When someone joins your Facebook Page as a fan, it is published in their news feed. If they find your content or information is interesting, they will ‘like’ or ‘comment’, and this will also be published in their news feed as well.
  5. It is easy to update. Unlike website, Facebook page is very easy to update. You can fill in necessary information and upload photos or logo. You can also have your vanity URL such as ( for your Facebook Page.

Time to have a Facebook Page! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.

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