5 Web design strategies

December 23rd, 2009

Website is becoming more important and significant for Malaysian businesses nowadays. Website is the foundation of online marketing strategies.

How to have a great website? Below are 5 strategies you must have in order to have a good-looking and practical website.


Website Design Strategy 1: Visuals
One of the criteria for your website to attract people is the visual. Visual usually refers to photos, especially those related to your products / services. One of our clients, Floor Depot uses many photos and graphics in its website. Putting relevant photos is the easiest way for a website to look good. For some industries such as food and beverage, hotels, travelling places and photography, a lot of visual is needed in such websites. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words. For example, if your resort offers sports and other activities, then photos of such activities and people enjoying them explain more than you would put in a paragraph of words.

Don't Build Your Website in Jungle

Don't Build Your Website in Jungle

Website Design Strategy 2: Heading
Visitors will usually look through the heading of your website before reading the content. The heading will be just a sentence to tell your visitors about your services or products that you offer. An example of such heading, or also known as slogan is “Don’t Build Your Website in Jungle!” accompanied with relevant picture. You can also have a slogan in small print underneath or near your company logo, like Printfac3 if you do not wish to divert your visitors’ attention. Besides, such design is better for websites which have different headings for different products or services.

Website Design Strategy 3: Color Themes
Color plays important role in a visual of a website. Most companies would use the color theme suitable for them, by using shadings and color in line with company identity and logo. Besides, shading is also important to draw your visitor’s attention to the points you wish to highlight.

Website Design Strategy 4: Spacing
In order to make your website look more organized and less intimidating, space can help. Do not forget to have left, right, top or bottom margins. Besides, line break after each paragraph helps to break up your page into smaller pieces, and helps to highlight important points of each paragraph.

Website Design Strategy 5: Subheadings
Headings and subheadings serve the same purpose: to help your visitors to easily scan the content and identify points of interest to them. Besides making your page more organized, subheadings also benefit for SEO.

For more samples of works we have done, please view our clients. Time to reevaluate your website, and apply the winning website design strategy.

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