Social Media for B2B

November 30th, 2009

Socia Media for B2B

Most of the times when our consultants go out to meet prospects regarding social media marketing (SMM), the first thing to come in their mind is that they are able to sell to all of their fans or followers in their network. There are many myths and misconception of social media and we have posted a blog post on Social Media Myths.

The other main concern faced by businesses, especially B2B companies is that the target markets do not use social media. This is also indeed a constraint and obstacle that B2B companies need to face when planning to implement social media into their marketing strategies.

B2B companies will thought that their customers are not on Facebook. Give it another thought: aren’t B2B customers also individuals? According to Facebook, there are more than 300 million active users, and the fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older. This statistics should be a justification of why B2B companies also need to have social media.

“My customers are not on social media – why should I?”

1. Social media is getting more and more attention
Almost everyone joins more than one social networking site, and the persons who join social networking sites are not just college students or teenagers, but those who are 25 years old and older. Although your customers are not on social networking sites now, it is a great possibility that they will sooner than you think. It is time for companies to establish web presence and begin to monitor your online presence.

2. Search is becoming more relevant, and social media is a user generated content
Search is becoming more and more popular nowadays. If someone wants to find information, most probably he or she will go to the Internet and search the information from search engines. Your B2B customers are individuals who managed to find you among other suppliers. Just think about how often your employees use search engines in their researches everyday, and think of your most recent searches. Most probably you will a YouTube video, forum, Facebook content or a blog in your search results. In other words, search is getting more social. If your only information on the World Wide Web is your 10-pages company website, most probably your data will become irrelevant.

3. B2B customers usually depend on relationships, and social media helps
It is not deniable that B2B customers have stronger relationships compared to B2C relationships. By adapting social media into B2B companies, the existing relationship can be stronger. Social media tools, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can strengthen relationships between buyers and sellers in B2B environment. What social media has allowed B2C companies to do, such as customer engagement and real time feedback, can be leveraged in the B2B world as well.

4. B2B customers are always competitors, but what is social media for?
A big worry of B2B sellers is that the customers are, most of the times, competitors. Most of the times, clients of the same B2B company are often each other’s competitor. For example, two sweet houses selling sweets may buy their supply of sweets from the same supplier. It is a worry for B2B suppliers to provide too much information and giving the same information (i.e. price) to various clients. However, via the social media, it is for engagement and interaction with your stakeholders, not only your buyers.

5. Other B2B marketers are not using social media
If other B2B marketers are not using social media, it means that they are late. If you are B2B companies and you are not using social media yet, you are also late. If you are B2C companies, and you are not using social media yet, you are extremely late. Although the use of social media through social networking sites by B2B companies is not mature yet, but a lot of Business to Business (B2B) companies are adapting social media such as blogs, communities, picture sharing and video sharing to outstand themselves from other competitors.

We have seen many examples of B2B companies adapting Social Media Marketing (SMM) into their online marketing strategy, such as Dell. Dell made millions via Twitter: @DellOutlet surpasses $2 million in sales. Take your action now; it is your chance to stand out!

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